Guest InformationWelcome to Morris County Golf Club. In an effort to assist you while visiting our Club, our Professional staff has highlighted a few traditions of the Club that we ask you to observe.

Proper Attire
Proper attire is required at all times while on Club property. Women may wear pants, slacks, Bermuda-length shorts, skirts, and culottes (no more than three inches above the knee), and appropriate shirts. Men must wear collared shirts with sleeves. Jacket and tie may be required consistent with the guidelines of the room in which they are dining. All children should be dressed accordingly. 

Golf attire is required on the golf course, putting green, and practice areas. Soft spikes only in golf shoes. Whites are required on the tennis courts. Swimsuit attire is permitted only in the immediate swimming pool area. 

Inappropriate Attire: Jeans (and all denim attire), abbreviated shorts, tank tops, tee shirts with printed slogans, and net or mesh-type shirts are not considered proper attire on Club property. Military cargo over flap shorts, cargo pants & shorts, and camouflage attire are also inappropriate Club attire. Flip-flops that are plastic and foam are not permitted in any dining area of the Club, including the Patio.

Cell Phones
  • Cell phone usage for verbal conversation is only permitted in the following areas of the Club: 
  • Parking lots
  • Pool area (excluding dining and tennis viewing areas)
  • Clubhouse restrooms
  • Locker rooms (excluding common sitting and dining areas)
  • Second floor (clubhouse sitting area and meeting room)
  • Speaker phone is not permitted on Club property.
Please consider our members when having a verbal conversation in the presence of others; such as sitting on the lounge chairs at the pool or grassy areas.

PDA & Text Messaging Use

Private; non-conversational use of PDA’s (Blackberry, Treo) and Text Messaging may be used anywhere on Club property. However, guests are expected to ensure that such use does not infringe upon our members. Such infringement would include distractions from dining, recreational activities or affecting the golf pace of play.

Morris County Golf Club adheres to a strict NO TIPPING policy for its members and their guests.